The Prix de Genève is an international award which encourages experimental architecture.
It was initiated and is supported by the architect Daniel Grataloup.

1. The objectives
of the prize

The award recognizes innovative architectural achievements, techniques and concepts. It covers various types of projects: those already completed, projects in progress, competition projects, study projects and construction techniques.

The prize values the audacity and creativity of contemporary designers in different fields: architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, interior design, scenography, research in plastic art and new material proposals.

2. The organizers
of the prize

The committee.
He is responsible for organising the prize every 3 years.
— It has CHF30,000 per session for the prize.
— It determines the budget, including the organization costs, the exhibition opening and the publication of the results.
— It appoints the panel.
— It publishes the announcement and the prize regulations a minimum of five months before the submission date for applications.

3. The applicants

The prize is international and aimed at architects, landscape architects, engineers, whether students or professionals.

Applicants are invited to submit projects that have been created, completed or are in progress between 2016 and 2021, i.e. 5 years prior to the submission date.

Applicants can also present a research project.

4. Conditions of registration and participation

This international competition is open to architects, landscape designers, urban planners and engineers, but also to students.

Registration for the competition and the submission of applications are made on the platform dedicated to the competition:

Only the applicant or the team's representative receives an acknowledgement of receipt by email containing an application number assigned to the project.

This email attests to the registration and contains the link to the candidate's or team's participation file.

5. Prize

— 1st prize: CHF 30,000
— 5 nominees, published and exhibited

6. The panel

The panel is composed of a maximum of 9 members. The decisions of the panel are made by a majority vote.

The latter is sovereign in his choice. It may judge the conformity of all proposals with this Regulation.
At the end of its deliberations, the panel will have the possibility to award 1 prize and if relevant 5 nominees who will be published and exhibited.

The 2021 Panel
This panel also includes an alternate member

The Panel will be appointed in the spring of 2021

7. Exposition

The winner and the 5 nominees will be able to take advantage of an exhibition space in which they will be able to freely present supporting materials for their project (model, film, photos, etc.)..

8. Publication

The results will be published in the Tracés – Bulletin technique de la Suisse Romande magazine

9. Calendar

Launch of the competition and opening of applications : Monday, March 15, 2021
Deadline for submission of projects : Friday, July 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
Final jury followed by the award ceremony : November 2021
For further information send inquiries to :

10. Intellectual property


Registration for the competition implies acceptance of the use by the Prix de Genève, free of charge and on all communication media or for any exhibition in any place whatsoever, of the projects presented (documents, photos, models...).

These media are used on a non-exclusive basis on the Organizer's websites, the Organizer's social networks, the written press, the Organizer's press releases and are accessible without any access restriction and without remuneration. The assignment is granted worldwide free of charge and for a period of 99 years.


The Prix de Genève may not, however, be held responsible for photos or videos taken by the participants themselves with their own camera or cell phone equipment.


The candidates or teams of candidates remain the owners of the projects submitted to the competition and their exploitation rights. It is up to them to protect their creation by filing a patent or model. The organizers shall not be liable for damages resulting from negligence on the part of the participant and concerning the protection of intellectual and industrial property.
The works benefit from all the texts protecting copyright. They are expressly cited by Law No. 92-597 of July 1, 1992, relating to the Code of Industrial Property, amending and/ or repealing the laws or articles of law previously in force.


The assigned rights are granted for :
— All types of media, known or unknown to date, digital, paper, magnetic or optical, such as, but not limited to, all CD-DVD media, hard disk, information or promotional documents, publications, brochures, models, media, films, tapes, websites, social networks, etc.
— In all formats (framing reports, still images, animated sequences, etc.).
— In any form whatsoever, known or unknown to date, such as, but without limitation, in the form of plans or models, in its material execution by construction, in graphic, photographic, pictorial, digital, etc. form.
— Any technical means or processes, known or unknown to date such as, but without limitation, physical copying, construction, digitization, computer storage, audiovisual, multimedia, any online or telecommunications network, national or international, private or public, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, etc.; and any distribution channels


Candidates or teams of candidates expressly declare that they own all rights to their Project submitted in the context of the Competition. Consequently, they guarantee the Organizer against any trouble, recourse, action or claim by a third party that may be brought against it on the basis of their Project, as well as the rights assigned under these Rules.

Any entry in the Contest constitutes agreement to these Rules.

Participants have the right to access, rectify, delete and oppose any data concerning them by sending a letter and proving their identity to the Prix de Genève :

16. Address

Office du patrimoine et des sites
Département du territoire
Rue David-Dufour 1
Case postale 22, 1211 Genève 8