Together Space

Léonid Slonimskiy

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Laureate status


For Prix de Geneve we have chosen to present a set of projects designed by our office (Kosmos Architects) that cover an overall topic that interests us and which we have called "Together Spaces ".

Architecture is not just a well-designed volume of a building, facade and internal layout. We believe that architecture is a spatial frame for spaces of public interaction, a frame for being together. We believe that architecture should activate the space around and within it and provide extra quality to this space. It should be a frame or a background for people to spend their free time or work; play or study; relax or be active; meet each other or be with themselves.

The projects of our office are quite diverse, but the topic of activating the public spaces and creating “spaces to be together” is common in most of them. We have decided to present a set of such projects, showcasing “spaces of interaction”: from real built projects to speculative ones; from a scale of small pavilion, to planetary scale.