Operosa Antra

Aurélien Reymond

Country of the project


Laureate status

Student & Professional

The research presented for Prix de Geneve Architectural Experimentation includes the following elements:

- A binder that gathers graphic and photographic documents intended to present the Operosa Antra project. Around this project gravitates a constellation of brief material reflections (materials, models, objects). To encourage a transversal and analogical reading, these elements are also grouped by thematic boards.

- Notebooks in which articles are written that take a transversal look architecture by bringing together pieces of history(ies), literary fragments, iconographies, and thematic lexicons.

- Collections of poems, aphorisms, and reflections on space and architecture.

Concretely, this architecture superimposes an infrastructure that acts as architecture, and a human occupation that acts as building. This vision offers a synthesis of two archetypes of primitive shelter – the hut and the cave – and its materials - wood and stone.
Whatever its scale of realization (model or prototype) this utopia is organized in two joint phases: the constitution of a monolithic space-relief which is similar to the traditional masonry space then the installation of light structures resulting from self-construction.
The interior space is designed by subtraction, following the same geological processes as a natural cavity, but using a traditional static molding system. A mould and a counter-mould (themselves inserted in a frame) make it possible to reverse the objective of result: we are no longer interested in a massive piece, but in the negative space which obviously comes from the nucleus, it is this space which will be occupied by man.