Reward architectural experimentation in all its forms.

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In 2019, the Prix de Genève for architectural experimentation is being organised in order to support innovative achievements and concepts in the fields of architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping.

Thanks to a donation from Daniel Grataloup, the Prix de Genève will stimulate experimentation and innovation for the architecture of tomorrow.

It will reward the boldness and creativity of completed projects, projects in progress and unfinished projects, in Switzerland and around the world.

The aim of this new award is to distinguish achievements, current projects and research work that go beyond the classical framework of architecture.

A new
architecture award

The work submitted may be research projects, competition projects, projects in progress or already completed.

They must have been designed no more than five years prior to the submission date.

Applications must be submitted before 30th July 2021.

Following a donation from the architect Daniel Grataloup, the Prix de Genève is rewarding experimental architecture in all its forms. This international competition is open to architects, landscape architects, urban planners and engineers.

The winning project will receive CHF 30,000 and all nominated projects will be exhibited in Geneva.

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The discovery of new materials, the evolution of social standards and new conceptions of space have transformed architecture. Without experimentation, conceptions, construction, urban planning and landscapes would not have evolved.

Research and innovation are part of a continuing desire to push boundaries beyond existing styles, physical constraints and original uses.

Ingenuity, courage and expression are at the heart of the major architectural trends, be they Sumerian, neoclassical, contemporary, deconstructivist or organic.

Experimentation relentlessly revisits human needs in order to better understand them and is inspired by the territorial and environmental challenges ahead. It pushes architects and engineers to rethink the future every day.


In Switzerland, many architects from different backgrounds and often very young, have risen above the disciplinary and normative constraints to create alternative architectures.

The Swiss territory is also full of prestigious architects whose work is recognised throughout the world. However, until now there was no specific award for young architects to help discover, disseminate and promote their work.

To remedy this, the Prix de Genève seeks to become a reference for young architects and creators who, through their achievements and experiments, participate in the evolution of the architectural landscape.

The aim of the 2021 Prix de Genève is to encourage innovative architectural approaches and reward bold projects. As part of a free program, all types of projects are eligible: projects already completed, projects in progress, theoretical and study projects.

Applicants may be students or professionals in areas related to architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and construction. After the applications have been submitted by 30th of July 2021, the panel of experts, chaired by the architect Daniel Grataloup, will review them during the autumn.

In winter, they will award CHF 30,0000 to thewinning project and give the five nominees the opportunity to exhibit their work in Geneva.

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